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The official trade journal for cannabis, the Rocky Mountain Journal of Cannabis (RMJOC) is dedicated to bringing cannabis business owners and license holders the best reports and key information they need to succeed. The Journal exists and is published with one mission; to make the professional cannabis industry better.

Our publication publishes four quarterly issues containing professionally written, peer reviewed articles. These white papers, data-driven reports, manuscripts, thought pieces and researched articles provide cannabis business owners verified information leading to actionable steps they can take to improve their marijuana company. Whether your organizations works directly in growing flower, dabbles in the ever-evolving marketplace of cannabis-technology, or supports any ancillary field touching cannabis, RMJOC is committed to advancing your business skills and practices.


The Journal exists and is published with one mission; to make the professional cannabis industry better.



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The Facts About Cannabis Production | Rocky Mountain Journal of Cannabis


The Rocky Mountain Journal is proud to support businesses and license holders from all avenues of the industry. To ensure the success of the Journal’s mission of spreading strong, meaningful information, our organization offers special pricing discounts for subscriptions when purchased in bulk by businesses or associations.

If you are a business, association, or license holder who would like to purchase subscriptions for multiple locations, employees, members, or customers, please contact us directly by visiting our contact us page. Additionally, if you are seeking out a sponsorship or group pricing for a conference or event, our editorial team looks forward to accommodating your needs.

All inquiries on group pricing and sponsorships can be directed to

Rocky Mountain Journal of Cannabis | The Official Trade Journal of Cannabis


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The cannabis industry is growing. RMJOC provides businesses and license holders access to industry-wide best practices from a wealth of functional areas. The Journal improves your business by spreading vetted, high-quality, expert-level content.

The Facts About Cannabis Production | Rocky Mountain Journal of Cannabis


The Rocky Mountain Journal carefully curates content written by industry experts designed to benefit cannabis-businesses. All information in the Journal operates in compliance.

Experts In Cannabis Production | Rocky Mountain Journal of Cannabis


Every contributor to the Journal comes from a background of verified success. Rooted in the collective experience of industry professionals, all articles offer your business essential information designed to increase performance and your bottom line.



The Rocky Mountain Journal of Cannabis is the first industry-based publication of its kind. The Journal was created to fill a vacuum of knowledge existing within our budding industry. All content printed in the Journal is reviewed by recognized experts within the marijuana industry as a means of providing pertinent and factual information to cannabis-based businesses.

Our mission lies in legitimizing and improving the field of cannabis as a whole. With the intense scrutiny our industry faces from regulatory agencies, and a competitive marketplace, there is no room for error. By establishing an industry standard of excellence grounded in the expertise of successful cannabis business owners, the Journal strengthens the collective marijuana industry. Through the sharing of verified information, building inclusive partnerships, and extending expert reach, the Journal is essential for the success of all cannabis businesses.



Published quarterly, the RMJOC offers its subscribers expert advice, professional recommendations, and tangible action items that can be used in elevating their business. All articles in this publication are contributed by experts with a successful work history in their functional area. The Journal provides your dispensary, cannabis-based business, or outside firm working with marijuana the information you need to thrive.